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Media Applications

Computer Media Applications:
Professional Credit Management proudly utilizes The Computer Manager, Incorporated of Poulsbo, Washington for all of its' current computer needs.

They have provided software that allows us to offer you, our client, the most high tech formats in which to accept your information and return your information in any style you choose. From standard reports to queries that best fit your scenario, we have the ability to handle it all.

The software package is called DEBT$NET(TM). It is specifically written for third party collections. We have attached a link to their site so you can review this product. PCM partnered with The Computer Manager in 1994 and has successfully built our portfolio since that time.

PCM also boast the latest in payment retrieval systems. We house and utilize in house ACH Processing that allows us to debit accounts for one time or recurring payments. This gives much more flexibility and firmer arrangements with a debtor when making a payment arrangement.

We accept Visa and MasterCard for all accounts and have recently activated e-commerce transactions that will promote on-line payments for consumers. Using a secure server, debtors are be able to submit one time or recurring payments on-line. This technology promotes efficient communication with a consumer and ease of payment for all parties. We also utilize the MoneyGram Express Payment system for ease of payment