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Got a few questions?

For best results, we request the following info be included with every account:

a. Full name of person responsible for debt
b. Street address or Post Office Box
c. City, state, and zip code
d. Telephone number
e. Employment of responsible party
f. Date of last charge
g. Date of last payment
h. Additional information (e.g., credit references, relatives, or other remarks).

Why must we provide so much information?
The more information we have concerning the debtor, the less time it will take to recover your money.

What should we do when the debtor contacts us?
During the first 30 days of the collection program, the debtor is instructed to pay the account in full or contact us for satisfactory arrangements. If you choose to make arrangements prior to placement, they should be to your satisfaction and if possible, in writing.

After the account has been listed in the collection program, refer the debtor and all correspondence to our office. Please, do not make any arrangements with the debtor at this time.

If we do not have the address of a debtor, how should we list the account?
Because of the importance of this question to creditors, a complete explanation has been provided in the section entitled "About Skip Accounts"

Must we list only names of debtors living in our area?
This service can be used for debtors living in all 50 states and territories of the United States and foreign countries.

How many accounts should be listed at one time?
There is no set number. List one, one hundred or one thousand accounts depending on your judgment as to the number of delinquent accounts.

Are there any limitations on the amount of an account submitted?
You may list accounts of any amount, as Professional Credit Management has recovered both small and large accounts for our clients.

Do you have a toll free number?
Yes. Professional Credit Management recognizes the need for supplying this service to our customers and the debtors. Our toll free number in Oklahoma City is

What types of clients do you currently handle?
Professional Credit Management services the Medical, Banking, Commercial and Retail Industries. We are especially experienced in medical and financial recoveries.

Do you have references available for review?
Yes. And we are very anxious to get you any information you might feel is necessary to consider our services. Please visit our Contact area and request what particular area you have an interest.