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Consulting to many clients is a broad term, consider this.

Do you have a grasp on your accounts receivables?

Do you have an increase each month in past due accounts?

Is there a system in place for recognizing accounts that are going to be a
potential problem?

Have you ever had any formal training in collections?

Does anyone in your office actually want to do collections?

Sometimes, in the daily course of business we realize we are in over our heads. Sometimes we don't have the answers that are necessary to complete a project or solve a problem. Professional Credit Management employees a combined 75 years of collection and accounts receivable experience. We offer on-site consulting as well as speaker and employee training.We utilize today's top training media to help you and your employees understand the team concept involved in an effective accounts receivable operation. Mr. Hank D. Ford, has spoken to credit professionals, organized creditors meetings and has trained over 300 collectors in his career. His expertise in the collection industry and accounts receivable has earned him satisfied clients and speaking engagements from coast to coast. Allow us into your office to review your current programs for billing, collections and training. We know we can help you today. All consulting is priced on a per situation basis. Speaking engagements are booked on availability and scheduling.